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Players, the pillars of the gaming industry, have been left out of the value chain. With a lack of ownership, the inability to govern, and no share of the revenue they generate. It's time to shift the paradigm.

Our decentralized application empowers players to leverage their in-game data, own portions of their favourite esports teams, and derive the true value of their contributions.

Digital identity

Build your Gaming Digital Identity (GDI) by completing in-game achievements and get rewarded with Soulbound Tokens. Get scouted by esports teams and connect with like minded players.

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Decentralized Esports

Create on-chain esports teams and gaming communities with built-in governance systems. Use Initial Team Offerings (ITO) to fund your idea and fractionalized advertising to monetize your brand.

GameFi Platform

Earn by contributing to the Quest and Bounty Hub. Discover untapped talent via player scouting. Operate transparently with on-chain player contracts. Govern gaming DAOs by voting on crucial matters.

Own Your Gaming Data

Play your favorite games, complete specific achievements, and collect Mission Badges to build your Gaming Digital Identity. We use Soulbound Token technology to issue Mission Badges as immutable Proof of Play, which gives you access to token-gated communities, exclusive competitions, and esports opportunities.

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Create On-Chain Esports Teams

We are re-imagining esports. Players can now create decentralized esports teams and gaming communities. Everyone will be able to own, govern, and earn by investing in ITOs. Decentralized esports teams will be able to sell fractionalized NFT advertising to attract brands, and monetize their content. The accumulated profits will be shared between token holders.


Leverage Blockchain Technology


Complete quests issued by game developers, influence upcoming games, and earn from your contributions.


Use ITOs to raise capital, acquire assets to level up your game and allow supporters to share in your success.


Vote on important topics, make vital decisions, and shape the future of esports.


Connect with skilled players, build recognition, and monetize your content.


Payout tournament winnings, issue on-chain player contracts, and fairly distribute revenue to token holders.


Claim your stake in esports teams, monetize your digital brand assets and utilize your in-game data.

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XBorg is owned by SwissBorg, a crypto app revolutionizing wealth management with 700'000 users.

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