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Utilizing blockchain technology we are redefining the esports industry. Enabling players to own their in-game data, leverage their skills, and monetize the value they generate. Empowering the players of tomorrow.

Genesis NFT Utilities

Vested XBorg Token Airdrop

Purchase the NFT and receive a vested airdrop of $XBORG tokens at TGE. $XBORG tokens will be distributed by Frictionless Staking.

Seed Round Dealflow

Leverage our network of upcoming GameFi projects and access early stage investment opportunities.

Exclusive Xplorer Club

Belong to the most exclusive esports club. Access Xplorer only giveaways, free merchandise and IRL XBorg events.

Early Protocol Governance

Shape XBorg product functionalities, vote on product development, and issue proposals.

XBorg dApp Early Access

Gain early access to all XBorg product releases. Decentralized esports teams, Gaming Digital Identity, and the Quest and Bounty Hub.

XBorg dApp Premium

Enjoy fee-less usage of the XBorg GameFi products. Raise capital via ITOs, operate on-chain, and grow your brand seamlessly.

What is Frictionless Staking?

$XBORG tokens will be airdropped to all Genesis NFT holders. For every day you hold the NFT you will accumulate points. These points will be exchanged for $XBORG tokens on the day of the airdrop. The longer you hold the NFT in your wallet, the more $XBORG tokens you will receive. If the NFT is transferred or sold, these points will be reset to zero and the new NFT owner will have to start again.

What is the $XBORG Token?

The $XBORG token will launch shortly after the mint and will be the utility and governance token within the XBorg ecosystem. Access premium protocol features, launch an ITO, and participate in protocol governance. It is an ERC-20 token and will have a total supply of 1,000,000,000.

Will there be different rarities?

All 1,111 XBorg Genesis NFTs have been created equal. We are committed to offer all Xplorers equal access to our ecosystem benefits.

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