Frequently asked questions

When is the mint? 

- Whitelist: 16th of September 2022 at 4pm UTC (6pm CET, 12pm EDT)
- Allowlist: 17th of September 2022 at 4pm UTC (6pm CET, 12pm EDT)
- Public: 18th of September 2022 at 4pm UTC (6pm CET, 12pm EDT)

What are the utilities of the NFT?

Visit the following page and head down to the section called Genesis NFT Utilities for all the details.

On which network is the mint occurring? 

On the Ethereum network and the mint currency is ETH. 

What is Frictionless Staking?

Frictionless staking is one of the many utilities of the XBorg Genesis NFT. By holding the NFT you accumulate points and these points will be exchanged for $XBORG tokens on the day of the airdrop. The longer you hold the NFT in your wallet, the more $XBORG tokens you will receive. If the NFT is transferred or sold, these points will be reset to zero and the new NFT owner will have to start again. The number of points accumulated by a given wallet will be viewable on our Dapp. 

What is a Whitelist spot?

A Whitelist spot gives you the opportunity to mint before the Allowlist sale. Whitelisted people get the opportunity to mint first. 

How do I get a Whitelist spot?

View all the ways to get Whitelisted here.

Is a Whitelist spot a guaranteed mint?

No, we have allocated more Whitelist spots than the NFT supply. Thus it is recommended to mint early as it will be first come first serve. In order to ensure that your transaction is successful, you can modify the gas parameters of your wallet. See tutorial here. The total number of Whitelist spots allocated can be found here.

Why are there more Whitelist spots than the supply?

Due to the market conditions, we don’t expect all Whitelisted addresses to mint. Therefore to ensure a successful mint we have allocated more Whitelist spots than the NFT supply.

What is the price of the NFT?

- Whitelist: 0.24 ETH
- Allowlist: 0.28 ETH
- Public: 0.28 ETH

Is there a discount for Whitelisted addresses?

Yes, the Whitelist price is 0.24 ETH instead of 0.28 ETH.

Which wallets can I use to mint?

You may use any Ethereum-compatible self-custody wallet. We recommend Metamask. Please note that the SwissBorg app cannot be used to mint the NFT.

Do the NFTs have a different rarity? 

No, all NFTs will have the same rarity and visuals. This is not an art collection but rather a utility NFT. 

What is the Allowlist?

The Allowlist grants your wallet access to mint the NFT after the Whitelist sale has ended. The Allowlist will be able to mint all remaining NFTs. Given that the number of Allowlist exceeds 7’000, we highly recommend securing a Whitelist spot to increase your chances of minting.

Where can I check my Whitelist and Allowlist status? Is it updated in real-time?

You can check your status here: It is updated every 24 hours. You can also use a bot command in the channel “verify-wl” on our discord server.

How many NFTs can I mint? 

You can mint up to 2 NFTs in the same transaction. Only one transaction is allowed per wallet. 

I am whitelisted on the app: but I don’t have the Whitelist discord role, what can I do?

Yes, this can happen, please open a ticket on our discord server and a moderator will look into it. If you are Whitelisted, they will assign the role to you. 

What is the expected transaction fee? 

The NFT contract is gas-optimized. At 20 gwei, transaction fees should be less than $10. 

Where will I be able to mint the NFT? 

A Dapp will be deployed on where you will be able to connect your wallet and mint. 

I have additional questions, what should I do? 

We are hosting a live Q&A session everyday at 5pm CET on our discord server to address all questions. You can also email for any questions.